Meet the Browser
Browse the web in style

Even the smartest TV doesn't give you the same experience as your laptop or desktop computer - it just wasn't built to browse the web. The StreamStick brings you the best in web browsing using Google Chrome technology, you have the same capabilities that the browser on your laptop does.

This means you can now watch, read, or interact with anything that you would on your PC!

Multiple Devices

Use your phone or mobile devices to browse and simply send the page to the TV to share with the group.

A Smarter Experience

No more on-screen keyboards that take forever to type on, or clunky browsing experiences.

Use your phone and your voice to send commands, type, and move your cursor for a new level of control.

Bring the full power of the web to your TV with the StreamStick. Stop wishing you had the ability to access something on your TV, and go get a StreamStick.