Why This Changes Things
Windows on a stick

Up till now our TVs have had extremely limited capabilities. Even the sticks and set top boxes that are available on the market today use systems that are either limited, or were never really designed for your TV.

StreamStick brings something totally new to the table with the Power of a full x86 PC in a stick, tied together with an incredible new system designed to allow for quick and easy access to everything, all on your TV.

Powerful Simplicity

Hooking the stick up to your TV is as simple as plugging it into the HDMI port on the back of your TV.

Connect to your wifi and you are ready to go!

A Full Blown Computer

While many other devices have some great capabilities, none of them can say they are running a full operating system. Having Windows at the core of the StreamStick allows the device to do many things that simple aren't possible on other devices.

It's like having the power of your laptop on your TV, only with an experience that has been designed and built to make finding content effortless.


There is no fighting a painful setup on your TV with StreamStick. Setup your accounts, subscriptions, rating settings and user accounts all on your computer or tablet from the web. You can have your stick fully configured before it even gets to your home.

All that is left to do is sign in and all your settings will be pulled down to the device automatically. Within minutes you are ready to start watching.